Photo shows a family of five having a good time at the playground.
i'mable Initiative

i’mable (read “I’m able”) is an initiative by SG Enable to encourage everyone to take positive action for persons with disabilities.


First established in 2018 as an outreach platform to engage the community in inclusiveness campaigns, it celebrates the abilities of persons with disabilities with the hope that every individual can be valued for who they are.


In 2020, i’mable broadened its mission from celebrating abilities of persons with disabilities to acknowledging everyone’s abilities in achieving greater inclusion in our society. By bringing together the public, people and private sectors, the i’mable initiative creates more opportunities for everyone to take positive action in support of persons with disabilities, and together, create a more inclusive society and enable lives.

Our Partners

The i’mable initiative is supported by Tote Board with the Enabling Lives Initiative, and the National Council of Social Service Care & Share Movement.

Together, we hope to bring about greater inclusion for persons with disabilities in school, at work and within our community. 

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