Enabling Village Mooncake Gift Set

in collaboration with Metta Café, MINDS and teapasar

The EV Mooncake Gift Set is brought to you by the Collective, an initiative to create a marketplace for quality products made by

persons with disabilities.


Through this Gift Set, we hope that more organisations and individuals will come together to celebrate abilities, and support employment opportunities and meaningful engagement for persons with disabilities.


The Gift Set’s design is inspired by the greenery of the Enabling Village (EV),and is a collaboration with Metta Café, MINDS, and teapasar.

Our Partners

Metta Café was established by the Metta Welfare Association to provide F&B training for persons with mild intellectual disability and/or autism. Its mission is to help them achieve independence and confidence by providing training and employment opportunities.

MINDS was founded in 1962 to provide persons with intellectual disabilities with equal opportunities in education, training, employment and later to help them integrate as contributing citizens. Through its Employment Development Centres, MINDS enables their clients to maximise their potential and fulfil their aspirations.

teapasar is the first global tea marketplace, featuring local and international tea brands, as well as exclusive and rare teas sourced directly from tea farms. A partner of the Enabling Village, teapasar hires persons with disabilities.